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WordPress Page Builder -Should you buy Elementor? Review 2019

Disclosure – I receive a commission when you make a purchase from the companies mentioned on this website. All data & opinions are based on my experience as a customer and end user.

Front End Page Builder

When I first received my certificates in web design and wordpress design back in 2005 we used MS Frontpage as our visual page builder for creating websites. That was discontinued in 2007 and replaced with Microsoft Expression Web. I also worked with Dreamweaver back in those days. Visual page building software has come a long way since then. When I took php, mysql & content management system (CMS) courses in 2007 I was introduced to WordPress, an open source software that is used on millions of sites worldwide.

WordPress Page Builder

WordPress was originally created as a tool used to primarily build blogs. The wordpress page builder free version and ease of use gave many people the opportunity to publish blogs. It currently is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (CMS) platform to date. It operates under a General Public License (GPL) that allows users to study, share and modify the software.

While wordpress ‘s ease of use is a people’s choice for building websites it does have it s limitations when it comes to customization. Changing headers, footers or columns in a theme can be time consuming which cuts into your productivity and ultimately your pocketbook. As designers we need to get our clients web pages built and visible online as quickly as possible. I need my page building plugins to be fast, easy to use, end user friendly and not slow down my websites.

Visual Page Builder

Visual page builders allow you to see your creation in real time rather than having to create content in the back end and then view the results. This cuts down on design time which has a positive result on your bottom line.

Elementor Pro

Whether you are creating a business website, online store, niche site, or blog, Elementor is one of the easiest, most popular visual page builder for wordpress on the market today.

Elementor Pro 2019 wordpress page builder image

Key Features

Elementor offers a free and paid version. The free version has many features that can help you build a fast, professional looking website. As a front end page builder, Elementor allows you to see your work or any changes you make instantly. It lets you see what your website will look like on desktop, mobile and tablet with the click of your mouse. You can also change setting for each mode without it affecting the other modes.

Elementor Pricing

Free Versus Pro Version

Elementor’s premium version offers a large library of templates and pages, plugins, widgets, slides and forums. It therefore gives you the ability to create more complex layouts. Elementor Pro is available in 3 packages. Personal, plus and expert. All offer great features however with the free version you will be limited to editing the content and the number of websites you can create.

If you are someone who only needs to create 1 site than the personal package will work for you. Similarily If you need to create more then 3 websites for clients then the expert package is for you. In addition, the expert package has 30 additional modules such as forms, woocommerce, pricing tables, media carousals, grid log posts etc that can be implemented into your design.

24/7 Support

In conclusion, Elementor Pro is very user friendly. It s drag and drop page building features will have you pumping out stunning professional looking websites in now time. For instance, they have a large help center and knowledge base as well as tutorials and FAQ’s. Give it a try and see for your yourself how easy it is to create wordpress pages with Elementor.

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